Pizza Hut Will Start Selling by the Slice

But at $3 a pop, will it be a game changer?

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Tim Boyle / Getty Images

Pizza Hut announced Tuesday it will begin selling pizza by the slice in an attempt to keep up with competition from upmarket fast food franchises like Chipotle.

Pizza Hut will test selling slices in two locations, one in York , Neb. and the other in Pawtucket, R.I. The company’s slices will be made with thinner crusts and a new recipe, and will cost between $2 and $3 each. But considering the ready availability of the dollar slice in big cities like New York, only time will tell if this pricing model holds up in larger markets.

Chipotle recently announced plans to open Pizzeria Locale, a chain of fast-cooking pizza restaurants where customers can watch as their pie is built and cooked in rapid time.