Exhausted Barclays Interns Napped on the Toilet

You say toilet, Barclays interns say nap time

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At big banks where junior traders work grueling hours and often come in on weekends, the ‘toilet nap‘ might be a thing.

Interns at Barclays PLC have taken their bathroom time as nap time, using the few minutes they have on the toilet to catch some Z’s, reports the Wall Street Journal. 2011 summer interns at the bank said they would sneak into a bathroom stall and use their phones as an alarm.

A number of major banks have said they’re cutting down on hours for internships and junior employees amidst reports that they regularly pull 13- to 14-hour days and even come in on weekends. Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, and JPMorgan Chase all have said recently they are cutting down on workloads for their junior staff, whose base salary is around $70,000 but can hit $140,000 with bonuses.