Ford Unveils a Car Made of Aluminum

Automaker's most important model is now "bigger, wider, stronger, but lighter"

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Ford Motors

The Ford F-150 2015

Ford has unveiled the 2015 model of its most important vehicle, the F-150 pickup truck, with a drastic redesign: The body will now be made of aluminum.

Previous versions of the F-150 were made of steel, but by switching to aluminum, Ford says the truck is about 700 pounds lighter, USA Today reports. That means drivers will save money on gas. But don’t worry–this isn’t the aluminum you’ll find in a soda can. Ford says the aluminum alloy is similar to that used in military Humvees and it will be harder to dent the bed or the doors.

Ford also replaced the big V-8 engine with two smaller engine options geared towards saving gas mileage.

The company has yet to announce a sales date, but said that the new model will go on sale in the fall.

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