Kickstarter Projects Raked in $480M in 2013 for Biggest Year Ever

The upcoming Veronica Mars movie raised the most -- $5.7 million -- on the crowdfunding platform

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Getty Images

Kristen Bell as Veronica Mars.

The crowdfunding website Kickstarter raised an average of $1,315,520 a day for a total of $480 million in 2013, making last year its biggest fundraising year yet, according to its annual report released today. That’s a 50% increase over 2012.

Of the 12,911 projects that Kickstarter successfully funded in 2013, the Veronica Mars movie raised the most, outdoing its own goal of raising $2 million, hauling in $5,702,153 to shoot a movie based on the now-defunct TV series of the same name. The role-playing videogame Torment: Tides of Numenera came in second with $4,188,927, while Mighty No. 9, a “classic Japanese side-scrolling” game, came in third with $3,845,170 in funding.

The 3 million people who pledged to support projects last year came from 214 countries and territories and all seven continents (yes, including Antarctica). Most users backed just one project but more than 800,000 people gave their money to more than one project and 975 super users contributed to more than 100 projects.