HAM SHAM: Starbucks Suing Pork Pushers

It's got to be Black Forest ham, Starbucks insists

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Dhiraj Singh / Bloomberg / Getty Images

Two ham suppliers may have bitten off more than they could chew after allegedly selling coffeemaker Starbucks shoddy ham for breakfast and lunch sandwiches.

The coffeemaker is suing Wellshire Farms Inc. and another supplier for almost $5 million, saying┬áthe companies supplied Starbucks with inferior ham for use in breakfast and lunch sandwiches sold around the United States and Canada, the Courier-Post in New Jersey reports. Starbucks said there was “potentially harmful bacteria” in the ham samples that caused it to be discolored and have an unusual taste, costing the company more than $4.8 million “protecting its customers and Starbucks’ reputation.”

A Starbucks contractor chose Wellshire’s Black Forest ham after blind taste test in 2008. Wellshire is denying Starbucks’ claims.