Apple’s App Store Sales Soar Over $10 Billion

That's more in 2013 than in the previous four years combined

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Apple generated over $10 billion in sales through its App Store in 2013, pulling further ahead of second-fiddle mobile computing player Google.

The company reported it sold almost 3 billion apps last year, with $1 billion in sales coming in December alone. The company keeps 30 percent of sales from apps produced by third-party developers, reports the Financial Times, but that $3 billion is a drop in the $170-billion bucket of total revenues it recorded in 2013.

Google doesn’t disclose sales revenues for its app store, but its Google Play store has an approximately 35 percent share of the app market compared to Apple’s 65 percent.

Developers have earned $15 billion through Apple’s app store since it was launched in 2008, which compares with the more than $7 billion its developers earned by this time last year. Apple’s sales in 2013 were higher than in the previous four years combined.

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