New App Lets You ‘Assassinate’ People in Real Life

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The Dustcloud

Want to play James Bond at your house, in your office, or on the subway? Now there’s an app for that too.

Startup The Dustcloud has developed a new spy game of the same name that allows players to turn any location into a makeshift laser-tag or paintball arena. Would-be secret agents are armed with electronic guns, called Dusters, that shoot digital bullets via a radio signal. Blast another player’s Duster and you eliminate them from the game temporarily and steal their bullets. The included mobile app uses GPS technology to let players track enemy locations, form alliances and announce that they’re hunting a specific foe. Racking up kills will allow players to rise through the ranks on a global leaderboard.

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The game’s creators are seeking $100,000 via Kickstarter in order to mass-produce the guns. A $39 donation to the crowdfunded project comes with a Duster, the iOS app, and bonus bullets to be used in shootouts (they’ll sell for 5 cents each when the game is fully implemented). If the project reaches $500,000 in donations, the creators will add a turf war feature so alliances can claim and defend real-world locations from enemies.

If wearable computers take off, augmented reality games like The Dustcloud could find a wide audience. It’s easy to imagine using Google Glass to scan a crowded mall for a target, Terminator-style, then dusting him with a well-placed virtual bullet.