Delta, JetBlue Say Phone Calls Won’t Be Allowed on Flights

Regardless of what federal regulators say, calls will be a no-no

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Jeff Haynes / Reuters

As the Federal Communications Commission considers rescinding a long-time ban on phone calls during commercial flights, two carriers have already staked out their position on the matter, according to NBC News.

Both Delta and JetBlue said they will continue to enforce policies that prevent passengers from using their phones, even if federal regulators pave the wave for mid-flight calls.

Representatives from both airlines say their positions  were informed by their employees and customer surveys largely unfavorable to the idea of allowing passengers to chat away during trips.

“We’ve heard from many customers, and the majority have shared that they do not want voice or video calls allowed on board,” JetBlue representative Morgan Johnston told NBC.

However, Delta reassured customers that if the ban on calls were lifted passengers would still be allowed to text and email on their mobile devices.