Here’s Jamie Dimon’s Opulent, Maddeningly Tone-Deaf Christmas Card

'Here's wishing 1% of you a joyous holiday!'

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Jamie Dimon, CEO of banking giant JPMorgan, has a holiday card tradition like many other famous Americans. But unlike most of them, he’s one of the most richly compensated executives in the country. That—and a series of scandals surrounding JPMorgan—has made him the focus of resentment against America’s big banks. The card, which is going viral, isn’t likely to help.

Dimon and his family recently sent out their annual card, wishing family and friends happy holidays and all the best for 2014. The card’s panoramic images feature Jamie, his wife Judy, their three daughters, a dog, and another young man. The opulently shot pictures show the group in an expansive apartment sort of playing tennis. (Could you pick a more elitist sport, short of bringing dressage ponies up the freight elevator?) Quartz called it Ralph Lauren-esque, which seems about right. Here’s part of the photo; you can see the full set here.