The Most Watched Ad on YouTube This Year is Absolutely Terrifying

These dancing babies may haunt you

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There are the ads that live and die in the confines of commercial breaks, often fast forwarded through on DVRs. And then there are the ads viewers like so much that they choose to watch them again (and again and again) on YouTube. Most advertisers aim for the latter, also known as ‘virality,’ but few actually achieve it. So YouTube and Adweek tracked the most watched ads on the video sharing site of 2013, and the winner is … kind of haunting.

There were some great ads out there this year — from GEICO’s Hump Day camel to Dove’s “True Beauty” sketch in which a forensic sketch artist showed women they were more beautiful than they thought they were. But what did people choose to watch a whopping 67 million times since its April premiere? Evian’s  dancing babies by ad agency BETC. They may stick with you indefinitely…and apparently have you coming back for more.

Note: Adweek and YouTube only counted commercials that were labeled as ads and had a high earned-to-paid view, meaning that the views weren’t bought.