Ludicrously Expensive Starbucks Gift Cards Sell Out in Seconds

A $450 metal Starbucks gift card... for the coffee drinker who has everything

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Correction appended, Dec. 6, 2013.

A limited-edition line of rose gold-colored, all-metal Starbucks gift cards sold out in seconds this year, despite the steep $450 price tag.

After the sale for the cards went live at noon Friday on, the site’s hits per minute beat those of Cyber Monday by almost 2.5 times, CNBC reports. Only 1,000 cards were available. Within 30 minutes, more than 11,000 people had tried to get on a wait-list for the card. Some who nabbed the even more exclusive golden cards are already re-selling them on eBay for as much as $1,675.00.

The fancy cards come preloaded with $400 plus the perks of the Starbucks gold program (gift on your birthday, free refills on certain items, etc.) Starbucks pulled the same gambit last year with, though they offered 5,000 cards, not 1,000. The cards sold out six minutes. So it’s an even happier holiday than usual for Starbucks, which can already boast that one in 10 adults in the U.S. received a Starbucks gift card as a present last December — making a Starbucks card the most gifted item in America.


Correction: The original version of this story incorrectly said there was actual gold in the card. The card does not contain real gold.