Walmart’s Black Friday Bestseller Cost 29 Cents

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Jeffrey MacMillan / Washington Post / Getty Images

The hottest item from Walmart’s Black Friday sales this year wasn’t a flashy new game console, a sleek new television, or the must-have toy or the season. It was a 29-cent washcloth.

The world’s biggest retailer announced it sold 2.8 million towels — $1.74 for a bath towel or a six-pack of washcloths — during this year’s holiday shopping bonanza, which started earlier than over with stores opening at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day. That’s more than the 300,000 bicycles or 2 million televisions sold, and 1 million more towels than the company sold in last year’s Black Friday sales.

“We’ve seen at-home items like towels and sheets and even Rubbermaid Tupperware become popular on Black Friday at our stores,” a Walmart spokesperson told NBC News. “A lot of people are either hosting guests for the weekend or preparing for guests for the holiday season.”

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