Photos Of Your Food? Check In on Foursquare? Not at This Restaurant

Restaurant in Israel offers half-price meals to diners who turn off phones

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AP / Sebastian Scheiner

Restaurant owner Jawdat Ibrahim at his restaurant in the village of Abu Ghosh, on the outskirts of Jerusalem.

From checking in on social networks to uploading photos of beautifully plated courses, smartphones have changed how we dine. But Arab-Israeli restauranteur Jawdat Ibrahim has had enough and is offering a whopping 50% discount to diners who turn off their phones while they enjoy their meals.

Ibrahim, who owns the popular Abu Ghosh restaurant in a village of the same name near Jerusalem, told Associated Press that he decided to change “the culture of eating” after he saw groups of diners glued to their screens in silence and even worse, asking him to reheat their food.

With almost every customer taking advantage of the offer since it began this week, Ibrahim admits he has taken a financial hit. But he believes it will pay off in the long run by enticing new customers.