JPMorgan Cancels Twitter Q&A After an Epic #Fail

The nation's largest bank calls off an online discussion with senior executive after a barrage of hostile questions and jokes

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Jerome Favre / Bloomberg / Getty Images

JP Morgan Chase canceled an online Q&A with a senior executive planned for Thursday after being bombarded with hostile questions and jokes to its #AskJPM hashtag.

The country’s largest bank by total assets had planned the to host an online discussion with vice chairman James B. Lee Jr., who Dealbook calls the bank’s top dealmaker. But when JP Morgan’s Twitter account made a request for queries, they got more than they bargained for:

After word got out about the cancellation, some were bummed out for practical reasons:

A spokesman for the bank emailed Dealbook , “#Badidea! Back to the drawing board!” As of Thursday morning, it’s a bad idea that won’t go away, as jokes, questions and criticism are still flooding into the #AskJPM hashtag on Twitter.

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