Twitter’s IPO Will Make These Men Very, Very Rich

Also see the surprising ones who are getting nothing.

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This week’s Twitter IPO is going to make a few key shareholders a lot of money. On Monday, Twitter updated its SEC filing to increase its price range from $17 to $20 a share to $23 to $25 a share. At the top end of the range, the firm’s market value could be as much as $13.6 billion. So who will gain? Even though they can’t cash out immediately, here’s what Twitter’s top brass stands to gain if shares go for $25.

Twitter Co-Founders Biz Stone And Evan Williams Address Developers Conference

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Ev Williams, founder, 41

Total Shares: 56,909,847

Estimated Value: $1.42 billion

The former CEO is the only one anticipated to break a billion due to the IPO. He also created Blogger, another top site which was bought by Google.

Jack Dorsey, Twitter/Square

Cindy Ord / Getty Images

Jack Dorseychairman, 36

Total Shares: 23,453,017

Estimated Value: $586 million

Dorsey is currently working on Square, a successful mobile payment platform. Although Dorsey’s name is often linked as being an instrumental part of Twitter’s development, a recent New York Times article questioned his leadership of the firm.

Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter

NOAH BERGER / The New York Times / Redux
Dick Costolo, 50, CEO
Total Shares: 7,675, 239

Estimated Value: $191.8 million

Fun fact: Dick Costolo was a former standup comic. That’s why when tech academic Vivek Wadhwa criticized Twitter’s all-male board of directors in the New York Times, we could expect tweets like this:

Adam Bain Twitter


Adam Bain, president of global revenue, 40

Total Shares: 1,785,818

Estimated Value: $44.6 million

Twitter hired Bain from News Corp in 2010. The company increased revenues from $28.3 million in 2010 to $316.9 million in 2012.

Peter Currie, executive vice-president and CFO of Nortel Net

Norm Betts / Bloomberg via Getty Images

Peter Currie, director, 57

Total Shares: 300,000

Estimated Value: $7.5 million

Currie was the CFO of Netscape during its heyday in the 1990s. He also advised Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg about financial matters in 2009.

David Rosenblatt


David Rosenblatt, director, 45

Total Shares: 291,666

Estimated Value: $7.3 million

Apart from sitting on the board of Twitter, Rosenblatt is also the CEO of, an online marketplace for luxury, vintage goods.

Benchmark Joins Twitter in San Francisco's Emerging Startup Hub

David Paul Morris / Getty Images

Peter Fenton, director, 41

Total Shares: 31,568,740

Estimated Value: $789 million

Fenton is a venture capitalist and general partner at Benchmark, which owns 6.75% of Twitter. Although some reports say that he might not personally pocket his firms stake in Twitter, even if that is what the SEC filing would suggest. Benchmark invested in the company when it only had 30 employees in 2009.

Business Leaders Meet In Sun Valley, Idaho For Allen And Co. Annual Conference

Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

Peter Chernin, director, 62

Even though Chernin has zero shares, his name is still listed on the SEC filing. He received a $3.7 million payout, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Of course, these aren’t the only people with a lot to gain from the Twitter IPO. So-called 5% stallholders including Rizvi Traverse, J.P. Morgan, Spark Capital, Benchmark, Union Square Ventures, and DST Global will make substantial profits.

Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone Takes Part In Project Imagination Event

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

And then there’s the mystery of Biz Stone

Even though the co-founder left Twitter in 2011 and isn’t  on the board, his name is present on the SEC filing as having no shares in the company. Sources told the New York Times that Stone already sold most of his shares and “could end up earning just 1% of Mr. Williams’s windfall.”