Red Bull Sued For $85 Million in Man’s Death

Family says his heart stopped after drinking the energy drink

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Red Bull will get hit with a wrongful death lawsuit on Monday after a Brooklyn man’s heart stopped shortly after he chugged a can of the energy drink.

Cory Terry, 33, died in 2011 after downing a Red Bull during a basketball game, and now his relatives are suing the company for $85 million, the New York Daily News reports.

The family’s lawyer, Ilya Novofastovsky, said Red Bull has “extra stimulants that make it different than a cup of coffee” and are “more dangerous than what Red Bull lets on.”

The lawsuit cites nine allegedly Red-Bull related fatalities worldwide, and the FDA has said that energy drinks have been linked to 18 deaths and 13,000 hospital visits, according to a 2009 study.

Red Bull declined to comment on the case, but a spokeswoman said that the company has sold 35 billion cans in 165 countries “because health authorities across the world have concluded that Red Bull Energy Drink is safe to consume.”

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