This is the First Ad for the Gold iPhone

Gold, gold, gold, and more gold

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Apple released its first television commercial for the gold iPhone 5S, called “Metal Mastered.” Not surprisingly, it’s all about aesthetics.

While the tech giant is known for ads touting high technology and functionality—iPhone 5 ads were all about headphones designed for human ears! and hardware shaped for human thumb swiping—this new spot just features gold, sometimes in liquid molten form gyrating to the song “Ooh La La” by Goldfrapp.

This is in line with Apple’s gold iPhone 5S print campaign.

Given the fact that the iPhone 5S is outselling its plastic iPhone 5C counterpart by more than double, that might not be the worst strategy. Apple sold out of the 5S its record-breaking opening weekend in September, prompting sellers to charge as much as $1800 for a unit on eBay.