The Web Hates Burger King’s Fake Name Change

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Burger King Facebook

Burger King posts images of its "rebranding" on its Facebook page.

Burger King may have made a misstep with its french fry campaign today by pretending to change its official name to Fries King. In a bid to promote the fast food chain’s new “French Fry Burger” and “healthier” Satisfries (supposedly ten-years-in-the-making), Burger King actually swapped out its classic logo at a restaurant location and has been promoting the new name on Facebook and Twitter.

Judging by some customers’ reactions to the company’s 32-photo Facebook album, people aren’t happy. Some are genuinely confused about whether or not the name change is real and have written passionate posts decrying Burger King’s decision to turn its back on “a well known family name.”

Burger King Facebook Name Change

Some people are highjacking the event’s #FRIESKING hashtag to pan BK’s product:

Last week, Forbes noted that Burger King had a separate “Hashtag #Fail” when it tried to rebrand the hashtag #WTFF as “What the French Fry.” Unfortunately, many other Twitter users already used the hashtag as “what the f****** f***” so the branding message got confused.

Although Burger King’s social media kerfuffle isn’t yet at the level of McDonald’s infamous #McDStories disaster, when that hashtag started getting used by unsatisfied customers recounting stories about when the chain’s food made them sick.

Burger King did not immediately respond to comment about the social media reaction or how long the “name change” would continue.