Report: Twitter Plans To Make IPO Filing Public This Week

Source tells site Quartz date could change because of possible disturbance like government shutdown

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Twitter plans to make its initial public offering filing public this week, revealing the inside workings of the company, and then begin trading before Thanksgiving, Quartz reports.

An unnamed source told Quartz that the dates were subject to change in the case of a potential disturbance, like a government shutdown.

The social media company announced Sept. 12 that it had submitted a secret filing, which it must make public before it begins to sell stocks. Quartz reports that Twitter had in fact submitted the filing two months earlier and plans to fast-tracked remaining pre-IPO activities.

The public filing is expected to include a breakdown of Twitter revenue streams, the official number of users, and how much Twitter intends to raise in the IPO, Quartz reports. The company is currently estimated to be worth about $15 billion.