Is Your Neighborhood Airport on the Decline? This Map Will Tell You

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In the game of merger roulette that U.S. airlines have played in the past decade, few stakeholders have lost more than the Cincinnati airport. In 2003, 10.1 million people boarded 211,000 domestic flights departing from CVG. By 2012, nearly three-quarters of that traffic had withered. Last year, that figure was down to 2.8 million passengers.

In the magazine this week, Bill Saporito reports from the dateline “LGA to FLL/MIA TO LAX to JFK” on the ever-constricting circumstances of U.S. airlines. Here, you can see the growth and decline of every major airport in the United States between any two years, using data downloaded in bulk from the Bureau of Transportation statistics. This map covers every domestic commercial flight between 2003 and 2012.

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