Encourage Gratitude on Your Team

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When employees feel valued, they are more satisfied, willing to work longer, and motivated to do their best. As a manager, it’s your job to make them feel appreciated. In addition to saying “thank you,” you can foster gratitude by:

  • Developing them. People want to grow. If promotion opportunities are limited you can invest in professional development through training, assigning team members to new and interesting projects, and exposing them to different parts of the company.
  • Involving them. Give employees the opportunity to play key roles in decision making and problem solving so they know their skills benefit the organization.
  • Supporting collegiality. Encourage camaraderie, help to eliminate toxic and dysfunctional team behaviors, and create opportunities for team members to interact with each other outside work.

Adapted from “Foster a Culture of Gratitude,” by Christine M. Riordan.

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