To Attract the Best Talent, Offer Meaningful Work

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Talented people used to want high salaries and stable career paths, but now they want work with purpose. Here’s how your company can offer candidates meaningful and attractive roles:

  • Get serious about impact. Determine the positive impact your organization seeks to make in the world. You don’t have to be a social enterprise to do good.
  • Tell that story well. Call it marketing or storytelling, but make sure you’re communicating how much you care about your mission and how you’re working toward it.
  • Design roles for their future, not just yours. Many people see a job as one of many stepping-stones they’ll visit over the course of a career. Focus on making your stone as attractive and inviting as possible. Decent pay, rewarding perks, and large doses of autonomy demonstrate that you take professional development seriously.

Adapted from “What Job Candidates Really Want: Meaningful Work,” by Nathaniel Koloc.