Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day Is Today, April 9 – And More Freebies Coming

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Everybody loves ice cream. And everybody loves freebies. And free ice cream? That’s almost too good to be true.

So consumers understandably get excited about Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day, an annual event when just what you think happens: Participating Ben & Jerry’s locations give away one free ice cream cone per customer. This year, Free Cone Day is Tuesday, April 9, as you may have already seen on Twitter (#FreeConeDay).

Free Cone Day usually marks the kickoff to the warm-weather season for all sorts of freebies. Free Comic Book Day is always celebrated on the first Saturday in May—May 4 this year. Like it sounds, this is the day that comic book stores all over the country give away a select variety of free comics. Why are stores and comic book makers willing to hand over merchandise free of charge? The event draws in crowds of people, some of whom are young (or just immature) and impressionable, and who very well may turn into loyal customers for years. It turns out that Free Comic Book Day also tends to be a huge day for selling comic books, with loads of thankful, excited customers buying while picking up their freebies.

A month later, the first Friday in June is traditionally National Doughnut Day, when Krispy Kreme and other chains dish out free donuts. That is, they usually give out free donuts; no official announcements have been made yet regarding National Doughnut Day 2013.

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Likewise, 7-Eleven hasn’t officially announced “7-Eleven Day” for 2013, but in years past, the convenience store chain has given free 7.11-ounce Slurpees on 7/11 (July 11). As with Free Comic Book Day, the act of giving away free Slurpees seems to make customers only want more, and 7-Eleven Day tends to be a big day for selling Slurpees.

More summer freebies to watch out for include the possibility of another Free Tea Day at McAlister’s Deli and free bowling in honor of National Bowling Day, which was held on a Saturday in August last year.