Signs That Your Star Employee May Be Leaving

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We all have employees who are so essential that we don’t want to imagine the office without them.

But it happens – even the office star wants a change now and then. So here are some signs that someone might be looking so you can see if there’s anything you can do before they give notice.

  • She’s constantly taking time off for just one day, often with little notice.
  • He starts dressing much nicer—sometimes in a suit.
  • She’s taking her cell phone outside the office for calls more than ever.
  • He doesn’t share information or hang out with office buddies like he once did.
  • You spot career or competitor sites on her computer screen.
  • Personal items start disappearing from her office, like family photos.

Those are signs that it could be time to ask an employee how they’re doing and whether there’s anything you can do to make their job better (that’s probably something you should be doing all along anyway).

If you do lose a star, take heart – somewhere out there is another one waiting to be discovered. It may take some time and training, but a fresh perspective in the office can be great too.

Adapted from Nine Signs That Your Star Employee Plans to Leave by Dennis McCafferty at Baseline Magazine. Follow Baseline Magazine on Twitter.