How to Stand Out on Social Media

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The internet’s a competitive place, but you can stand out on social media with a few simple steps.

Start with a name or URL that includes the search terms you want people to use to find you, advises Tamara Weintraub of online marketing firm ReachLocal. If you’re a plumber, for example, you want your Facebook URL to be something like You also want to be as consistent as possible across your website and social media accounts to make it easier for people to find you.

Fill in the “About” section on all your accounts. Be sure to use the same keywords you use everywhere else, and include a link to your website. Of course, you write for people, not search engines, so make sure your summary is engaging and informative. If your business is local, be sure to mention your location. And include links to your social media accounts on your website, email and other contact points.

Once your sites and accounts are set up, you want to start using them to attract followers. Create informative content that invites interaction and can be easily shared, such as images, videos, infographics, contests, events, questions and special offers. Post daily, and respond to your followers and engage them. If they need help with customer service, be sure to provide that too; nothing makes a bigger impression to your followers than good customer service.

Adapted from 5 Social Media Marketing Tips to Boost SEO at Small Business Computing. Follow Small Business Computing on Twitter.