Using Content to Market Your Business

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The hottest thing in marketing these days is “content marketing” – using videos, webinars, white papers and the like to offer consumers useful information while getting them to think about your business.

A home improvement company, for example, might publish an article or video on easy steps someone could take to make their bathroom look better, or an accountant might offer free money-saving tips at tax time. Chris Brogan, CEO of Human Business Works, suggests not being too pushy with your accompanying sales pitch: Encourage visitors to sign up for a free newsletter, or offer them a free consultation or perhaps even a coupon for discounted products or services. In other words, the next step should be something that turns them into a lead without a hard sell.

Think about who your target audience is and write with them in mind. Make sure you use keywords so people who are searching for the information you’re offering can find you. The Google Adwords Keyword tool is a great place to do your keyword research. Learn about Google+ author profiles so you can stand out in search results. Check Google Analytics to learn how people are finding you – and to find inspiration for new ways to reach potential customers. And include social media sharing buttons so your content can be shared easily.

Look to current events for inspiration too. If you can tie your product or service to a current event – a major storm, for example – you’re more likely to reach customers who are ready to act now.

Adapted from Content Marketing Tips for Small Businesses by James A. Martin at Small Business Computing.