Job Interviews Can Tell You A Lot about Someone

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Finding the right person for a job is never easy, but interviews can at least tell you something about how serious a candidate is.

Take this list of outrageous questions that job candidates had the temerity to ask in actual interviews, compiled by staffing services firm OfficeTeam. You can tell a lot about a candidate’s motivation by what they focus on in interviews, so you’d clearly want to avoid hiring these folks.

Here are some of the questions these actual interviewees asked:

  • “Do I have to be at work every day?”
  • “Do you have a job for my partner?”
  • “What are the women who work here like?”
  • “Can I have three weeks off every three months to pursue my music career?”
  • “Is it OK to wear shorts to work?”
  • “What job is this for?”

Not very promising. OfficeTeam also offered a few examples of questions that would reflect well on a candidate:

  • “While researching your firm, I learned the company recently [fill in the blank]. How does this affect your current strategy?”
  • “Can you describe a typical workday for a person in this role?”
  • “What skills and attributes are most important for success in this role?”

Questions like those suggest a candidate who’s thinking about your organization and what they can contribute to it.

Adapted from Six Outrageous Questions From Job Candidates by Dennis McCafferty at CIO Insight.