Win Over Your New Boss

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The experience of getting a new boss can be fraught with anxiety and risk. Uncertainties abound when someone new takes the reins — but you have a role to play in taming them. Here’s how to establish yourself as someone your new manager can turn to:

  • Ease into the relationship. Pick only a few vital issues to cover early on so you don’t overwhelm her. Over time, you can discuss your other projects in more depth.
  • Observe her style. Does your new boss prefer short or long conversations? A buffet of options or one best recommendation? Hard data or soft? Use these indicators to shape the way you present yourself and your ideas.
  • Be honest. New leaders must depend on relative strangers for honest opinions. Look for openings to provide helpful candor on some key aspect of the new boss’s agenda.

Adapted from the HBR Guide to Managing Up and Across.

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