Make Customers See Your Point

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The web has become a very visual medium, which means that your company’s “image” is more important than ever.

A striking image of your product or business can help boost sales, according to some studies. The National Retail Federation, for example, notes that more than two-thirds of consumers think that seeing the image of a product is “very important” when making buying decisions. Another study found that quality images of a restaurant, hotel or small business made people more likely to consider the company or make contact, according to Joe Taylor Jr. at Small Business Computing.

So what should you do to take advantage of the “visual web?”

Post more pictures of your products in prominent places on your website, and encourage your customers to share those images via Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, advises Taylor.

Instead of relying on generic stock images, invest in high-quality original photos and even videos of your facilities, your products, and your team. YouTube is the top online service frequented by consumers, according to Technorati Media, so don’t underestimate the value of a catchy video. Graphic design and logo development are other visual investments that could pay for themselves.

Pay attention to which images of yours people are sharing on sites like Pinterest, and also watch to see if customers are finding novel uses for your products that you hadn’t thought of. You may get some unexpected insights, along with ideas for new markets and products.

Adapted from 5 Ways to Shape Your Product Strategy for the Visual Web at Small Business Computing.