Get Creative with Job Perks

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Looking for a unique way to reward your employees? Consider this list of nontraditional benefits compiled by CareerBuilder.

Money, benefits and flexible job schedules are the most effective ways to boost employee retention, but a quarter of workers say unique perks can help, so it’s worth considering doing something out of the ordinary for your employees.

Here are a few unusual perks that employees say would make their workplace more satisfying:

  • 40% would love half-day Fridays (really, just 40%?)
  • 20% would like an on-site fitness center
  • 18% would enjoy wearing jeans to work
  • 17% like the idea of daily catered lunches
  • 16% would like massages
  • 12% say they’d like a nap room

You don’t have to offer perks like these all the time, but offer them creatively as you see an opportunity, say after a big project is completed. Startups are famous for offering unique perks, so get creative and establish your own tradition.

Adapted from More Creative Job Perks Help Morale and Retention by Dennis McCafferty at Baseline Magazine.