Ten Ways to Find Inspiration

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Busy professionals, especially those running a startup or small business, can find themselves so buried in the details that they find it hard to set aside time to think about the big picture.

So if you’re feeling stuck, here are some ways you may find inspiration, courtesy of CareerBliss.

Brainstorm. Write down all your thoughts about the issue at hand. Getting past self-censorship can reveal new ideas.

Try art. Drawing what’s on your mind can help you make sense of it, even if you have no artistic ability.

Seek another viewpoint. A fresh perspective can work wonders.

Learn from your competitors. What have they done right? Where have they failed? What can you do better?

Ask thought-provoking questions. What if PowerPoint didn’t exist? What would Steve Jobs do?

Do something new. Listen to music you’ve never heard, or read something completely different.

Get moving. Stand, stretch, walk up the stairs, go for a run. Moving your muscles can free your mind.

Find what inspires you and keep it nearby. Whether it’s a quote, video or work of art, keep your “muse” near you for those moments when you need inspiration.

Change location. Get out of your cubicle and work in your conference room, or any other change that refreshes you.

Sleep on it. Sometimes it’s better just to come back fresh the next day.

Adapted from Ten Ways to Instantly Boost Your Creative IQ by Dennis McCafferty at Baseline Magazine.