What Can You Learn from Zuck?

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Facebook is one of the most successful new companies of the last decade, so what can entrepreneurs learn from the company and CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg?

A new book by Ekaterina Walter, “Think Like Zuck: The Five Business Secrets of Facebook’s Improbably Brilliant CEO Mark Zuckerberg,” offers some intriguing insights into Facebook’s culture of innovation. Here are a few, compiled by Baseline Magazine‘s Dennis McCafferty.

Facebook’s management believes that false starts are invaluable learning experiences that move the company toward the next iteration of an idea or product. Or as Zuckerberg likes to say, “Move fast and break things.” If you never break anything, you probably aren’t moving fast enough.

Great companies don’t just create great products. They create movements.

Trust unleashes imagination and innovation. And transparency and empowerment breed dedication, loyalty and trust. So trust your employees, empower them, and be transparent.

Develop hiring strategies that reflect your cultural values so you bring the right people on board. And hire for attitude. Skills can be taught, but passion can’t.

Each employee is your brand’s face, your brand’s best ambassador, your best marketer.

At Facebook, prototyping trumps discussions. And sometimes curiosity and imagination trump knowledge.

Adapted from Lessons Learned from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg at Baseline Magazine.   And send us your small business success tips!