Stop Regretting Your Career Decisions

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“I should have never chosen this field.” “I should have left my job long ago.” It’s no fun to lament over decisions you’ve made in your career. Instead of letting remorse suffocate you, face it head on.

  • Get input. Ask some trusted friends to brainstorm ways to think differently about your regrets. Choose confidants who are imaginative and positive — not cynical and snarky.
  • Ask “what if” questions. Using the input you got, formulate questions that help you view your career from a fresh angle. For example, if you regret going into PR, you might ask yourself: What if I did PR for a cause I believed in?
  • Explore ideas to act on. Look deeper into a few of your “what ifs.” If you find yourself getting excited about one possibility, keep working on it until it pays off.

Adapted from “Coping with Career Regret” by Priscilla Claman.

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