Seven Signs That You’re Losing Your Leadership Mojo

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As a leader, you want to display confidence and instill it in others, so here are some signs that your leadership mojo might be due for a tune-up, according to Sharon Melnick, author of “Success Under Stress: Tools for Staying Calm, Confident, and Productive When the Pressure is On.”

  • Micromanagement could be a sign that you lack confidence both in your leadership ability and in the ability of the people who work for you.
  • You play it too cautious and settle for projects with lower payoffs but less likelihood of failure.
  • You’re afraid of surrounding yourself with capable people because you don’t want them to look better than you. What better way to guarantee failure?
  • You don’t ask for help when you need it because you’re afraid you’ll look stupid.
  • You understate bad news so you won’t hurt feelings.
  • You concede ground without getting anything in return.
  • You seek reassurance where none is needed.

As a noticeable lack of confidence can become a self-fulfilling prophecy, you want to make sure you have confidence in yourself, your business plan and those around you.

Adapted from Ten Signs That You’re Losing Your Confidence by Dennis McCafferty at CIO Insight.