How the Best Tech Companies Treat Their Employees

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The best technology companies have long had a reputation as great places to work, as companies offer great benefits and working conditions to compete for the best talent.

Here’s what the best have to offer, according to Glassdoor. What’s surprising is that some of these perks could be duplicated by anyone, like Google offering free healthy food and drinks, along with recreation, services and other activities.

Creativity and innovation seem to be strong at these companies. A product manager at Facebook notes that teams “are small and have a lot of autonomy, and it’s amazing to see how much of a difference a single person can make at this place.”

One LinkedIn employee notes that “things are fast and loose as we figure out new space and continue to execute. You can feel it when you come to work each day.”

Citrix promotes from within, so management knows and understands the challenges that employees face.

Salesforce makes philanthropy part of its mission, giving employees an added sense of satisfaction.

And here’s one that’s admirable but not so easy to duplicate. From a National Instruments engineer: “They put their employees first. When other employers lay off in droves, NI hangs on, relying on cash they have consistently put away for the inevitable economic recession.”

Adapted from the 10 Best Tech Companies for Workers by Dennis McCafferty at Baseline Magazine.