Quit Your Job, for Real This Time

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Wanting to quit your job is one thing. Finally walking out the door is another. If you’re fed up with your job but can’t get over the mental hurdle to hand in your resignation letter, these three tips can help:

  • Do it for the long term. If you’re looking to quit your job just so you can avoid a micromanaging boss or break free of a tedious task, you’re not thinking long-term enough. Quit with a bigger goal in mind.
  • Don’t wait for your bonus. Commit to resign on a particular date, not after a reward. Once you have the bonus check in hand, you’ll likely feel better about the job and lose conviction.
  • Quit discreetly. While you may be tempted to announce your departure on Facebook, hold back until you’re settled in your new role. Starting something new has risks, too; if you falter or fail, word will spread fast.

Adapted from “How to (Finally) Quit Your Job” by Daniel Gulati.

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