Mobile Marketing Means Easy Money for Small Businesses

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Here’s a number to ponder: 84 percent of small businesses that use mobile marketing techniques report an increase in new business for their efforts.

That survey, from and Lab42 earlier this year, should be enough to convince you to invest some effort in your mobile presence. Here are a few fairly simple ways to do that.

A website that’s optimized for mobile devices will make it easy for mobile users to find relevant information quickly on your website, like your phone number or how to place an order.

If you depend on local customers for your business, make sure they can find you. Put your address in a prominent place on your website and make sure it’s clear where you’re located and what services and products you offer so you’ll show up in search engines. Do the same thing on your social media profiles and pages, and consider mobile geo-targeted advertising if it makes sense for you.

Get your business on Foursquare and encourage happy customers to write a review on Yelp.

There are many ways to reach potential mobile customers. And best of all, the effort appears to be worth it.

Adapted from Small Business Mobile Marketing Tips at Small Business Computing.