Questions That Could Inspire Innovation

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The Next Big Thing could be just a thought away, but arriving at that insight requires you to see your business in a new light.

In his new book, “Leapfrogging: Harness the Power of Surprise for Business Breakthroughs,” author Soren Kaplan offers a number of questions that could help you see your business differently and inspire innovation:

  • What is the simplest thing you could do right now to transform your company?
  • What skill do you never use at work that could help your company perform better?
  • When have you ever pushed yourself beyond your comfort zone? How did you benefit?
  • What work-related experience brought out your entrepreneurial side?
  • Have you ever looked at the data you manage and wonder why it matters?
  • What surprises challenged your assumptions and gave you more insight into your business?
  • Have you ever looked at two seemingly unrelated things and realized they were connected?

Breakthroughs require you to step back from the hectic pace of your daily grind just enough to see your business in a new light. Asking the right questions is a good place to start.

Adapted from Ten Questions to Inspire Innovation at CIO Insight.