How to Make the Most of Your Work Environment

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The workplace can be full of distractions and stresses, but with the right skills, you can rise above it all and make the most of your work environment.

In “The Titleless Leader: How to Get Things Done When You’re Not in Charge,” author Nan S. Russel offers some useful skills and ways of looking at the business world that can make you more effective.

  • For starters, when you’re talking to someone, put away your smartphone and make eye contact.
  • Give team members their choice of a task so they’ll take greater ownership of it.
  • When someone is emotional or angry, don’t react, but listen intently.
  • Develop mutually beneficial partnerships both within your team and across departments.
  • Rediscover your sense of curiosity and discovery to approach your job with a fresh perspective.
  • Realize that a little fear is a good thing and can keep you from becoming complacent.
  • Imagine that every single task or project you complete will always carry your name.
  • Realize that problems can have a limitless number of solutions. When mistakes occur, think of them the way a baseball pitcher does a home run that he’s just given up: It’s history the moment it’s hit.

Adapted from How to Be a Leader Even If You’re Not In Charge at Baseline Magazine.