Google+ Hangout: Are You Too Busy To Get Anything Done?

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If you answered “yes” to that question, you will likely find some comfort — and useful advice — in today’s Google+ Hangout, a conversation with workplace experts on strategies that workers, companies, and managers can use to address the growing problem of what we might call “Fast Work.”

This conversation grew out of an article we posted last month on in which Peter Bacevice, a consultant at DEGW, a firm that studies the future of work, explained his vision for what he has dubbed the “Slow Work” movement. The article got a lot of attention, which wasn’t surprising since so many of us are increasingly concerned that our work lives are getting too “fast.” By that, I mean too busy, too filled with too many micro-tasks, too dependent on multitasking — and seemingly endless, because work now follows us home in the form of mobile technologies, expanding well beyond the traditional boundaries of the business day.

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In addition to Pete, I’ve invited two other workplace experts to chat about this set of problems and, more importantly, some solutions. They are Kim Elsbach, a professor at the Graduate School of Management at University California, Davis, and the author of many, many articles on creating effective workplaces; and Ellen Ernst Kossek, a professor at Michigan State University and the co-author of CEO of Me: Creating a Life that Works in the Flexible Job Age, which examines the ways that employees manage work-life boundaries.

If the topic resonates for you, please check out our Google+ Hangout, which you can see live at 12:30 pm ET on this web page.