The Qualities of Outperforming Companies

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Companies are changing dramatically – and so are the skills and focus needed for success.

That was the message of a recent IBM survey of CEOs and other organizational leaders. The picture that emerges is one of a more collaborative, open organization, with a greater emphasis on risk and innovation – exactly the kind of environment that startups thrive in.

So what are successful companies doing right? IBM identified a few factors. Outperforming companies are more likely to be open, break into new industries, and in some cases even invent entirely new industries.

CEOs of these companies plan to use social media as a primary means of engaging customers. They want to understand their customers’ needs better and be more responsive to them. They foster greater collaboration, both within their own companies and with external partners.

And the skills they want from employees? Collaboration, communication, creativity and flexibility are the skills that drive employee success in these environments.

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you’re probably already doing many of these things. And in a small organization, it’s much easier for top people to lead by example.

Adapted from The CEO as Chief Engagement Officer at Baseline Magazine.