Get Personal with Marketing and Net More Sales

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Think you know your customers? Turns out, knowing the four distinct personality trait categories that people fall into can give you the edge when it comes to making more sales and increasing revenue.

The Quant Method, currently in beta, is a behavioral marketing strategy that claims to “create chemistry between clients and their customers” and influence people through their personality type. Businesses can learn their customers’ personality types and then tailor communications to build trust and break down a consumer’s resistance to buy.

According to TQM there are four main types of personalities, and each type processes information differently, especially when making a buying decision:

Thinkers like facts and details, are unlikely to make snap decisions, and they need to be fully convinced of your credibility and competence before they buy.

Masterminds tend to be fast-paced and results-oriented. They get right to the point. Sell trust and value, and anchor your pricing realistically.

Olympians take an expressive, aggressive approach to business and are easily bored. Maintain their interest by explaining how your offer affects them directly and personally.

Diplomats are friendly, compassionate, “feeling” people who want to contribute goodness to the lives of others. Show empathy, and give them rock-solid guarantees.

Knowing more about personality types can help you optimize email messages and websites to include specific landing pages with information that the four different personality types like in order increase conversion rates.

Adapted from How to Boost Sales by Marketing to Different Personality Types at Ecommerce-Guide.