Say Goodbye to the 9-to-5 Work Day

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Mobile technology has changed the way employees work, but in exchange for doing more work at odd hours, today’s mobile worker expects more flexibility in return.

According to new research from Mozy, EMC’s online data protection unit, employees are checking email from home both before and after work. The average employee has put in 46 minutes of work before they’ve even arrived at the office, and by the time they’re done checking email for the day, 12 hours has passed.

In exchange, employees might come into work a little later, but 80% of them also think it’s acceptable to call them at home at night.

It’s clear that mobile technology has changed the work day dramatically. Three-quarters of employers give their employees the tools they need to work remotely, and those companies are also more flexible about “face time” as a result.

So embrace mobile technology in your small business (with proper data protection, of course), and turn a blind eye toward personal calls, chatting with colleagues and errands at work. The modern workforce expects it – and is willing to give more in return.

Adapted from Say Goodbye to the 9-to-5 Workday at Baseline Magazine.