Poor Hiring Practices Can Hurt Your Company’s Reputation

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A company’s reputation factors pretty high into job hunting considerations, according to new research from CareerBuilder.

Location and industry come first in a job search, as you’d expect, but company reputation is right behind that. That shouldn’t be too surprising; we spend so much time in work that we want our places of employment to be pleasant.

So monitor what people say about you on sites like Glassdoor and elsewhere (and take legitimate criticism seriously). And be mindful of the impression your interview process makes.

According to CareerBuilder, unprofessional or poorly informed recruiters and lack of follow-up are just some of the practices that turn off job seekers, who are more likely than ever to tell friends and social media followers about their experiences.

“How your employment brand is presented to job seekers can have a lasting effect on your ability to acquire talent and your business overall,” cautions Sanja Licina, senior director of talent intelligence at CareerBuilder.

Adapted from Poor Hiring Practices Turn Off Job Candidates at Baseline Magazine.