Write a Job Description that Attracts — Not Repels — Candidates

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Employers often complain that they are unable to fill open jobs. But many are looking for such a narrow set of competencies that no candidate could possibly measure up. Exhaustive job descriptions deter solid prospects who worry they don’t fit the overly specific (or ambitious) criteria.Next time you’re hiring, consider these tips:
  • Focus on success factors, not experience. Don’t itemize every skill the candidate could possibly need. Instead, briefly list the most important abilities required for a person to succeed.
  • Make the title clear. The way you label a job defines who will apply. Use job titles that clearly describe the profession. Don’t use insider jargon.
  • Watch your biases. Be careful not to include requirements that would rule out capable candidates who don’t exactly match the ideal in your head.

Adapted from “Job Descriptions and the “Experience-Needed” Syndrome” by Tammy Johns.