Why Your Small Business Needs to Be on Social Media

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Still not convinced that social media is worth your time? You might want to think again.

Consider a few facts from a new survey from Allstate and the National Journal:

  • 64% of U.S. adults are active on social media
  • 79% of social media users are likely to seek the opinions of others before buying goods or services, and 64% of them have changed their minds because of those opinions
  • 59% of social media users say a company’s social media activities make the company appear “accessible and responsive”
  • 64% of social media users want to see companies use social media for customer service.

So while the jury may be out on the ultimate benefits of a corporate social media program, one thing appears fairly certain: Just being on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook can improve the way consumers view your company. And that can’t hurt.

Adapted from 10 Things You Should Know About Social Media Users at Baseline Magazine.