Want More Customers? Become a Green Company

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Becoming a green company can boost your sales – and it’s a lot easier to accomplish than you think.

A recent Harris Interactive survey conducted for Tork, a maker of hygiene products, found that 82 percent of American adults claim to be well informed about companies and brands with a strong track record for sustainability.

What’s more, 80 percent of those consumers let that knowledge guide their purchasing decisions, so why pass up an opportunity to appeal to so many potential customers?

A good way to start establishing your green cred is to cut your energy use, a cost-savings strategy that can also help improve your company’s bottom line. One way to get started on this is to buy energy-efficient PCs and other electronics, which is easier than you think thanks to the federal EPEAT registry. You can also use energy management settings in Windows 7 and Mac operating systems to save even more energy.

And move basic applications like email, data backup and accounting to cloud-based services to save a bundle on server and power costs.

Adapted from A Small Business Guide to Green IT at Small Business Computing.