Find That Needle-in-a-Haystack Job

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Looking for a job today often requires the painstaking task of sorting through countless websites and listings to find what’s relevant to you. Instead, try setting up a personalized stream of opportunities.

Here’s how:

  • Get specific. Avoid wasting time and energy and get clear on the exact search terms that best match the jobs you want. If you cast too wide a net, such as searching for “marketing” or “Atlanta”, you’ll receive too many results.
  • Focus on a few niches. Find the niche job boards for your field. Bookmark these sites for easy daily reference and sign up for email alerts so you’re notified when new jobs post that fit your criteria.
  • Use Twitter wisely. Do an advanced search (using the specific terms you’ve now defined) to find the kinds of job postings you’re looking for. Then follow the feeds that provide the best postings, adding them to a list so you can check them daily.

Adapted from “How to Curate Your Own Personal Job Feed” by Lindsey Pollak.