Keeping Your Employees Happy and Engaged

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For a lot of startups, the potential for a big payoff can be the biggest lure for attracting and retaining good employees. But what can you do to keep employees happy and engaged when IPOs and mergers are a long way off?

A recent APQC report noted difficulties employers have attracting and retaining talent – and offered possible solutions from five top-performing companies.

For starters, social media sites like LinkedIn are a great way to find prospective employees who aren’t actively looking for a job. So what are some of the ways you can keep people happy and motivated once they get in the door?

Promote work-life balance. General Mills, for example, offers employees a sabbatical after seven years to promote work-life balance and employee development. And the company also offers on-site services like auto repair.

Make your mission one employees can be proud of and buy into. IBM’s focus on finding solutions to global social and environmental problems is one employees can feel good about.

Give employees new challenges. Nothing like a change to keep employees fresh and developing new skills.

Adapted from Ten Ways to Find and Keep Talent at Baseline Magazine.