Three Things You Shouldn’t Tweet

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Of the 175 million tweets generated each day, how many are actually worthwhile? Some are more valued than others. Here are three types of tweets you should avoid sending, no matter how tempted you are.

  • Me now. If a tweet answers the question, “What are you doing right now?” don’t send it. Unless you’re a celebrity, people don’t care about your every move.
  • Whining. Don’t complain about something unless you’re also giving useful advice. Just like in person, people on Twitter don’t like to listen to moaning.
  • Presence maintenance. Don’t send a tweet for the sake of making your presence known. Instead of typing “Good morning, world” wait until you have something insightful or useful to share.

Adapted from “What Makes a Great Tweet” by Paul André, Michael Bernstein, and Kurt Luther.

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